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Back when I was a freshman, Hibalag was this one event where I had fun with friends. Now that I’m in my third year, I wasn’t able to witness anything worth remembering as projects, exams, and a lot of other schoolwork occupied my head every time I went around the booth area.

I can still remember the time when I went on a food trip with my friends as we watched whatever was on the stage. We did not care what the event was as long as we enjoyed the night together. This year, my friends were all out there busy with their lives. Either they were with me doing schoolwork or they went back to their hometowns. It was hard realizing this was supposed to be something for us, the students, to enjoy.

Life isn’t about how much we gain from doing what is expected of us; it is what we experience from doing it that counts. Sometimes, we fail to see what college is all about- learning about life. I’m not talking about going to a classroom and reading books, I mean going out and experiencing what life has to offer.

Hibalag was supposed to be one of those times when we got to interact with our fellow Sillimanians. It was not meant as some break where we are flooded with assignments or an opportunity to go home and do something else.

At its core, Hibalag was part of the Silliman experience. It was a time of gathering for all Sillimanians as we celebrated Founder’s Day. We could have shared experiences with the alumni. We have failed to see its value. Deadlines, workflows and upcoming exams filled our heads as our teachers  drowned us with expectations that we would do it within the two week event.

The event has lost its value for me as these problems have stirred my head. Students are not robots; we need a breather, especially when finals is coming and we resume classes. Hopefully, the flood of schoolwork was worth more than what could have been a good learning experience.

Column Name: Black Magic

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