COPVA dept raises funds for Woodward theater

The Speech and Theater Arts department of the College of Visual and Performing Arts (COPVA) presented “Reminiscences” to raise funds for the rebuilding of the Woodward Little Theater last Aug. 26 at the Luce Auditorium.

The fundraising show also launched the 50th anniversary of the department in 2019. Sonia SyGaco, the chair of the Speech and Theater Arts department, said that the show staged excerpts of the plays performed in the past 50 years.

“Woodward Little Theatre is a laboratory for all speech and theater majors as well as theatre enthusiasts to showcase their talents. For us to produce world class artists, Silliman University needs a space where theatre plays and the arts will be shown and demonstrated,” SyGaco said.

Woodward Little Theater, according to SyGaco, is where students will practice and produce small plays every semester.

“It will serve as a classroom for the theater subjects, a place for daily practice as well as mounting small shows and plays every semester by the students. Usually, the shows given here are for free,” SyGaco said.

Dr. Belen Caligacion, director of the show, said that they wanted Woodward Little Theater to be rebuilt as a laboratory for students since it is “too expensive” to do a production at the Luce Auditorium.

COPVA alumna Onna Rhea Quizo said that Woodward Little Theater needs to be restored because the Luce Auditorium is expensive for students.

“Luce is very expensive for students. Also, Woodward is small, [and] if [the] place is small, you wouldn’t have to spend so much for the set,” Quizo said.

According to Wanella Ursos, a third year speech and theater arts major, the Woodward Little Theater will be useful for their department because it would be used for small-scaled plays that require smaller stage set-ups.

Ursos said that for smaller productions, they use the Audio Visual Theater, but the audio “isn’t so good,” which is why they might transfer to Woodward Little Theater after its renovation.

Christine Lyka Abello, a first year civil engineering student, also said that the restoration of Woodward Little Theater will be helpful because Luce Auditorium tickets are expensive especially for students.

By Jann Viansee O. Cardenas

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