Japanese dance group returns to SU

Yuko Takahashi Dance Company, an award-winning Japanese modern dance group based in Sendai, Japan, made a comeback with a concert entitled “Reflection: Two Sowls Amidst the Air” last Aug. 14 and 15 at the Luce Auditorium.

Yuko Takahashi, founder of the dance company, said that their performances last year and this year still have the same purpose – to bring hope not only to the Japanese victims who suffered from the earthquake and tsunami, but also to the Filipinos who have encountered natural disasters.

By: Andrea Dawn E. Boycillo

Takahashi said that through dance and dance education, she could help the victims calm their minds, especially the children.

The dance company operates a dance school for young children in Sendai, the Japan region that was hit hardest by the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011.

“We guide our students towards a willingness to be tender, to feel gratitude, and to maintain a soft and loving heart, in spite of the tragedies they have survived,” Takahashi said.

The dance company performs for free at their studio and a local temple in Sendai to share the important of art in everyday life.

“Dance can help unlock the dreams of children, while also building trust with their peers, and a love of art, culture, and movement,” Takahashi said.

Takahashi added that she chose to perform in the country because she finds the Philippines’ history with Japan “interesting.” Through the dance company’s performances in the country, she said that they could promote peace.

Takahashi also said that other schools in the city had invited the dance company to perform at their campus, but she specifically chose to perform Silliman University because she “felt that the university is close to her heart.”

Yuko Takahashi Dance Company had their first performance entitled “Reflection” last Aug. 15, 2014 at the Luce Auditorium.

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