Horror race to scare Sillimanians once again

The Special Projects Committee of the Silliman University Student Government assures participants of a scarier and more fun Horror Race (HORRACE) Silliman Chapter Two on Aug. 20 as part of Founders Week.

On its second year, Special Projects Committee Co-chairperson Andree Jay Arrieta said that HORRACE Silliman Chapter Two will have more “exciting challenges” for the 30 teams that will highlight Silliman University’s horror stories as they run around campus at night from 6 to 10 p.m.

The stations around campus will have a horror-themed challenge that participants need to complete before moving to the next station. Participants need to run from one station to another in the race.

Muhatag mi og trivia [at every station] kanang kabahin og historical places nga mu-involve ug mga ghosts sa Silliman,” Arrieta said.

He added that participants will not only get physically fit, but also will become more aware of the historical horror stories in the campus.

On safety issues, Arrieta clarifies that only the part from Oriental Hall and Hibalag booth area will be used. He added that there will be no challenge that requires participants to cross streets.

Arrieta said they ensure to keep the participants’ safety by making facilitators and first-aid teams more accessible.

If any accidents happen, he said that there will be a first-aid team stationed near the Luce Auditorium. However, there will be no facilitator to accompany each team throughout the race so that teams can decide for themselves on where they will go.

They are still coordinating with the Silliman University Rescue Team if they can place more first-aid stations.

By Ray Chen Bahinting

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