‘Hibalag’ entry wins theme song competition

For the first time, the Hibalag booth festival has a theme song after the best entry in the Silliman University Student Government’s (SUSG) Socio-Cultural Committee’s “Duyog,” a Hibalag theme song contest.

Duyog is a Visayan term for music or music accompaniment. The contest aims to let students showcase their talents in song composition.

The winner for the first Duyog competition is the entry entitled “Hibalag” by the Skeptron Society. The composers were Leo Francis Cabral and Rei Courtney Colina, both coming from the College of Performing and Visual Arts.

Norris Wagas from the graduate studies is the lyricist and the interpreter. Other members are Scott Wayne Husain, Lindley Sialana, Jamie Kay Villegas, Shemdarwin Medez, Mark Martinez, Seth Gadiana, and Henrix Tubil, who came from different colleges in the university.

Most of the members are also the members of WillFreedo, the band who won the Rock Against Youth Apathy (RAYA) competition last 2012.

Socio-cultural Committee Head Fritz Figueras said that the committee decided to make an activity that would give Founders Week a trademark, as it is an event that alumni and students look forward to.

“[The contest will also show that] Sillimanians can produce big-time theme song and jingles,” Figueras added.

Supposedly open only for organizations, Figueras said that they decided to open the contest to other students who are not under any organization because they expressed their interest in joining.

For the submission of entries, the entries need to be originally made, with original written and arranged musical scores. It also needs to be recorded before the submission as the committee will not accept raw files.

The deadline for the submission of entries was last Aug. 15. Sonia Sygaco, Juni Jay Tinambacan, and Kirk Philip Emperado were the judges.

The chosen entry will be played during Hibalag’s opening night on Aug. 19. They will be awarded Php 5,000.

SUSG’s Infomedia Committee co-organized the event.

By:Paulynne Joyce R. dela Cruz

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