We all know that the Hibalag celebration is fast approaching. We notice the carpenters slowly constructing the different booths for the 11 day-activity. Now it’s time to learn the different dos and don’ts for this year’s activity, so that it will be a peaceful and enjoyable experience for everyone.

First thing is security. This activity is open to the public, which means everyone has the right to get in and out without presenting valid IDs. Strangers from different places will come and visit the area. You’ll never know if someone will bring a deadly object like a knife or gun. This could cause chaos and disrupt the good vibes the place has. Don’t hesitate to call the authorities. In case of fire or disorders, contact the Dumaguete Police Station (225-1766) or the Dumaguete Fire Department (422-9672). For medical emergencies, contact the SUMC hotline (420-0000).

Next thing to be concerned about is the no smoking policy. People are not allowed to smoke on campus. It is one of the main reasons for disturbance. It may also cause fire because most booths are made of wood and other light materials. Potting and drug sessions are not allowed in campus premises. Anyone caught using drugs or with drug paraphernalia will be arrested and penalized according to the Silliman University Handbook and the Philippine law.

Another thing to watch out for are the booths themselves. For 11 days, those booths will be the showcase for the different societies, fraternities, and organizations in Silliman. The best of what they have will be presented in their booths. But what if one day, a certain booth will collapse with people inside? It will surely result to injuries. Be sure to check all the booths for problems and directly inform the person in charge or who is guarding that booth. Also, do not destroy the exhibits or steal them because they are not yours and also give others a chance to enjoy the booth experience. Keep the surroundings of every booth clean and green.

Lastly, do not start a fight, for it will lead to disturbance of peace and may lead to your suspension or expulsion. Hibalag is annually celebrated to celebrate the founding of Silliman University. Not to start a fight or quarrels. This may result to rambles and the peace will be disturbed. This may lead to suspension or maybe expulsion. Remember that thousands of students and outsiders are around the booth area and you don’t want to get all of their attention.

Following these guidelines will help you savor the 2 week long celebration. We have to understand that Hibalag is one of the best experiences a Sillimanian can have on the month of August. Do respect the customs, traditions, and gimmicks of the different organizations

By:Leo Ross B. Dionaldo
Observer Ward

Following these guidelines will help you savor the 2 week long celebration. month of August. Do respect the customs, traditions, and gimmicks of the different organizations.

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