The Keys to Real Peace

I admit: before going to sleep I lock the door to make sure I’m safe when I’m not awake. My assurance of no one breaking in my place lies on the lock of my doorknob. Before going to sleep, once the door is locked I am at peace.

With societal problems such as crime rates, poverty, and unemployment increasing, every day I become more afraid of what is to come. Others too may fear about what might happen to them – fear of getting involved in the destructions of their city, losing their jobs, or having no more food on the table.

With fear comes worry and how much hassle it is to worry every day about what may happen in life.

Some people put their assurances of survival in different things: money, family relatives, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends. All these are temporary.

A Sunday school lesson I encountered as a child was Joshua’s story on his battle with Jericho. After the death of Moses, God chose Joshua to be the leader of the Israelites. They were to conquer the land of Canaan.

Joshua felt unqualified for the job. He thought that he could not be like Moses. But God told him to continue and he obeyed.

God had strange plans for the battle of Jericho; some of which Joshua did not understand. God instructed Joshua to have his armed men march around the city once each day, for six days. The priests were to carry the Ark of the Covenant, blowing trumpets, but the soldiers were to keep silent.

On the seventh day, all marched around the walls of Jericho seven times. Joshua relayed God’s order that every living thing in the city must be destroyed, except Rahab and her family.

At Joshua’s command, the men gave a great shout, and Jericho’s walls fell down. The Israelite army rushed in and conquered the city. They had succeeded.

Joshua’s story made me wonder how he was able to deal with everything on his plate. One morning, I read in Our Daily Bread (1997), that there are three keys to real peace:

  • Fret not – because God loves me. (1 John 4:16) The Bible says God loves everyone – not just the rich, the white, the intelligent, but everyone. Because He loves every person, “He will never leave them nor forsake them”.

Before conquering Jericho, Joshua sent two spies to sneak into the walls of the city. The spies met Rahab, a prostitute, and they were aided by her. Because Rahab trusted God; she hid them from the king’s soldiers when word spread that spies were there. In the end, amidst Rahab’s prostitution, God spared her and her family when the Israelites conquered the land. This shows that there are no “unlovable” people on God’s list.

  • Faint not – because God holds me. (Psalm 139:10) No one can see God, but He sees all. Joshua felt unqualifiedfor the task of taking over as leader, but God promised to be with him every step of the way—just as he had been for Moses.

Joshua saw that God, as a guide, was a good thing. This same God is here today; watching, protecting and guiding all he loves. Because of this, no one has to be a coward when facing the day. The Lord is a shield.

  • Fear not – because God keeps me. (Psalm 121:5) The perfect antidote for fear is trusting God. The Lord has control of everyone’s lives. He is the Keeper of all.

Joshua was afraid because they were outnumbered by the king’s men. But because God told him to carry on, he did so. God said to Joshua, “Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9) God kept Joshua throughout his journey.

Despite all his troubles, Joshua was at peace because he relied on God. He did not fret, faint, and fear because he knew God was with him.

After reading these three keys, I got reminded that I should not panic because I have a God stronger than any other force. As a Christian, I believe that He is the only permanent answer to living a life peaceably. The keys exist because of Him.

As a student, my fear is getting low grades. To take away that fear, I study two weeks before an exam. I sometimes rely on my own knowledge. But then I realized that depending on my own wisdom did not make me succeed. Just like how I lock that door to assure my safety at night, that must be how I live my life – putting my assurance on God. I must live my life confident that God is guarding me.

The three keys to real peace can open our prison of worry, discouragement, and trouble. Because God is with us every time of our lives, there is no need to fret, to faint, and to fear. That’s the beauty of having an Almighty God – He is the Author of our lives, and you do not have to worry because He is in control.

By: Andrea Dawn E. Boycillo

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