Sillimanian’s Speak

” Is it okay to vape around the campus?”

In my opinion, vape is not okay around campus, and should even not be allowed around campus. Vape is just an electrical cigarette or “e-cig” as some people would say. Whether it’s safe or not, or whether it’s nicotine-free or not, an “e-cig” is still a cigarette and these should not be done publicly. It plants ideas into other people that vape is good, cool, and would make one feel great. While some people would agree to that, while some users would say that the vapor feels smooth and cool to their throats, other people find that same vapor nauseous. – Ledricz Bon A. Nuevo, BS Physics –III

No. It is not okay to vape around the campus because it ruins the image of the school and it is similar to tolerating the students to smoke. – Hannah S. Vincoy BS Medical Technology-II

In my opinion, it is not okay/advisable to vape around the campus because vaping can lead to serious illness that can cause fatality. Doing vape can also influence the others especially those who are in the Basic Education Department (referring to those High School students). It can also ruin the University’s name and reputation. Right now, a lot of students here at Silliman already started using vape. We should start doing some actions before it can cause serious troubles to the students and the university itself. – Jarren Dehm D. Omadlao, AB Political Science – I

Compiled By: Jessica A. Remata

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