Beautiful Liars

Everyone lies. Even the smallest thing to lie about is still a lie. In the Divergent trilogy, The Amity believes that lying is necessary to maintain the peace. Lies start anger, then anger develops to a conflict, and conflict becomes a war. So, where is peace? In this world, lies are told. Isn’t it unfair for the truth? Yes and no. If you look into it carefully, majority of the things we see or hear are lies. Your chips, for example, is a form of lie. The packaging say that it is made from “real potatoes.” But if you look at the back, it’s not even real potatoes but “dehydrated potatoes.” Though it’s a potato, the fact of being ‘dehydrated’ still makes it unreal.

But, let’s not focus on the potato. Lies exist in many forms. In a joke book that I read, a man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter’s office, he saw a huge wall of clocks. “What are those?” asked the man. “Those are lie-clocks. It ticks when a person lies,” said St. Peter in reply. The man saw the clock of Mother Theresa; it never moved. “Very remarkable,” says the dead man. Then, he saw the clock of Gandhi; it only moved five times. The man was astonished. “Where’s Binay’s clock?” asked the man. “His clock is in Jesus’ office. He’s using it as a ceiling fan.” If lies can only be measured as ticks and tocks of a clock, one minute is equivalent to 60 lies. How about hours of lies? Can a measuring device change you?

It’s hard to tell if a person is lying or not. I also tell lies. But, most of those are just white lies. Lying can be creative. Creative writing majors are literally nothing compared to the great liars—politicians. Politicians can instantly write an eight-page, single-space, back-to-back cover-up story for a certain issue or black propaganda. Sometimes, they don’t need to write it down. The story is already in their heads, waiting to be recited in a ‘best storyteller’ contest. Well for me, I don’t buy their stories. However, it’s quite a good literary work because the main theme will always be, “for the greater good of all.” Aside from that, the story elements are carefully placed that critical reading is needed to identify the conflict, climax, and conclusion. Yes, the government has been known as a ‘melting pot’ of liars. But, there are still officials who speak for the truth. The Philippine government has been very dirty for a very long time. Current events happening in our government are unveiling as the elections approach; for example, Binay’s hidden wealth and the 242 bank accounts are now being revealed. The cycle is repeating over and over again. Liars hide the truth to the unknowing. What could be the possible effect for this? Lies will accumulate and the truth will be hidden under those patches of lies. Though I’m stressing out the liars in our government, regular people also say lies. They probably lie to hide their ignominy. But if an individual is a fighter of the truth, why do some people need to lie about their stories?

In the end, only an idiot will believe those stories. A wise and intelligent person, with all his/her fair judgment, can distinguish a real story and a patched up one. After all, liars just hide the truth like patches sewed on a cloth. The thread will loosen up after quite some time, and the truth shall be revealed again.

There’s a saying in Filipino that goes like this, “Galit ang magnanakaw sa kapwa niya magnanakaw.” The same principle applies in lying. If you’re a great liar or if you could pull the greatest lie that has ever been told, you can fool idiots. But, you can never deceive another liar who is probably better at lying. You can never deceive yourself and you can never deceive God. Though you fooled some people by saying lies, your conscience will hunt you down and your soul will burn in hell!

By: Eric Gerard D. Ruiz (Unbalancing the Sheets)

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