We’ll Never Know


During SPEx, the all-university acquaintance party last July 10 at Hibbard Avenue, two Sillimanians were injured after a table collapsed.

It happened in the middle of the partying crowd around 11 p.m. Aily-an Luminario was pierced by a nail on her foot and Lyncon Claire Lasmarias got a cut in her leg.

The two injured students first looked for the Red Cross team, but found out that they were not there anymore. So they went to the Silliman University Medical Center (SUMC) for treatment.

The SUSG contacted the Silliman University Red Cross Youth on one of their party preparation days, asking them to stay in the party until it is finished, in case accidents happen. Yet during the party, the organizers granted their request to leave the party even if it is not yet finished.

The Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) believes that if the Red Cross team has been there when the accident transpired, the students’ wounds would have been treated right away. The procedures and medicine needed for treatment would also have been prescribed right away.

The injured students’ friends (and later on, Student Government President Kirk Emperado) were their companions in the hospital after the accident. But being the medical team on the event, the Red Cross team is supposed to be the ones responsible in referring Luminario to the SUMC for the anti-tetanus shot.

SPEx organizers should not let the medical team leave the event if it is not finished yet. The medical team is important in events like big university parties because no matter how much safety precautions are made in the preparations, accidents might still happen.

Founders Week is fast approaching. Many events are being planned carefully. Throughout the school year, more big parties will be held. tWS also hopes that there would always be a Red Cross or any medical team assigned on parties and events.

By: Andrea Lim (Editor in Chief)

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