Sillimanians Speak: How do you cope with depression?

To cope up with depression, you should give a solemn time with God. Tell Him your struggles, let Him be the one to fix you. Don’t give up right away, you’re born to experience what life is. – Fearn Acibo BMC – II

I deal with depression by swimming because it makes me happy when I’m in the water, sleeping because it makes me calm, eating because food is one of the best source of happiness and talking to GOD – it washes all depression away. Santia Onnycha D. Ursabia, BMC – III

Just remember: those ‘what will happen if I’ll get rid of myself’ thoughts aren’t going to help anybody. When you made a mistake, it doesn’t mean you are weak. It makes you human. A little self caring, loving and rocking your head to your fave music playlist will count. Find and pursue a new hobby. Go for a movie/series marathon. Be silly with yourself. Don’t be shy in seeking help. Count your blessings; look at how far you’ve come! And always, don’t forget to breathe. There is so much life has yet to offer, so just hang on, Pauline Estola AB Sociology III

Smile the pain away, Joey Khan M. Limbaga, BSME-V

Surround myself with good company, and have a good laugh.-  Monique A. Recto, BBA Mgt III

First of all, I am not depressed, but i feel for those who are. Depression should not be taken lightly. Talk to someone about your condition, immerse yourself in things you love, and last of all, always remember that you deserve to be happy, and someone out there believes in you – Isabella Angan, BMC – II

Compiled by: Jessica A. Remata

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