Should students grade the teachers too?

In most cases when students hear, “That teacher is a terror”, everyone makes sure to stay out of that teacher’s class, or when already enlisted in his/her class, some contemplate dropping the course and looking for another class. Teenagers, as we are, definitely wish for a teacher that understands our time, needs and wants but at the same time teaches us everything we need. Perhaps, the best way to achieve that is to grade every single one of them.

Milan Lu, in her article “Should students be allowed to grade their teachers” expressed that through this system,the level of fulfillment the students are experiencing can be openly assessed. Great educators whom the students feel are making an extraordinary showing will be propelled to proceed with their techniques for instructing. It will likewise uncover the teachers who are not doing what’s necessary intentionally or unintentionally. The aftereffects of this assessment can prompt them adjusting themselves in a better way and their educating systems as well. The nature of instructing can be incredibly enhanced along these lines.

Nathalie Rasay Colina, a junior B.S. Ed. Major in MAPEH, said that she had personally experienced problems with a teacher’s attitude before, however, she didn’t care about it since she believed that the quality of teaching the teacher provides would overshadow any personal matters.  The teacher could either be picking on a certain group or individual student or may be looking down or discouraging an entire class by comparing them to another class. With the system of students grading the teachers, such matters can be brought to light and changes can be made to provide a more professional educational experience for the students.

Still, the fact doesn’t change that students are not eligible to rank their educators. Teachers are professionals and we may admit it or not, most students are just immature. They will abuse the sophisticated privilege for their own soothing benefit such as less homework or using cellular devices in class. Also, the student’s ideal teacher may be too superficial- the one who gives lesser and easier tests, the one who doesn’t call students in random and the one who checks attendance just before the class ends and doesn’t mind about those who come in late. The truth is, they’re just one of what we call “Fictional”.

By: Shane Marie K. Canono (Miss Ava)

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