Pyramid Popping Scams

Have you ever been scammed? Has a friend ever said, “Hey I just started this new thing where I’m making money selling kitchen ware, vitamins, or vacations; you should join too!”? If you said yes, then you have probably been involved in something called a “Pyramid Scam.” The scheme usually begins with an invitation by someone you know to a little get together. Then, some “successful” guy or girl talks about his/her struggle to success and if you follow his/her steps, you will have everything you have ever wanted within… Wait for it… six months. Sounds too good to be true, right? In all honesty, it probably is and here’s why.

You might have seen a group of people huddled together in a cafe. At the table, three or four people are being talked to by one person. That one person is basically doing a sales pitch to get these people to join the “team” and become successful by just selling U.S. products. At first this may sound all good and who doesn’t want to make a few extra bucks to sustain through life? A reason why you shouldn’t hear this person out is because the moment you join, he/she has already made income out of you.

Typically, the things that will happen in the meeting is that you will be introduced to the head. He or she will explain to you the overview of the company and what they’ve experienced working for the company. Think of this as the cherry on top of the cupcake. Next come the middle man, the one who is a bit higher up on the pyramid yet lower than the big man who’s there to seal the deal. They’ll talk about numbers on how much you want to earn in the future and you’ll always pick the better of the two choices. Like for instance, “If you could choose between a four figure salary and six figure salary which would you choose?” Well of course, the 6 figure salary sounds better, more numbers means more money. This is a way to get you thinking of money.

Usually the middle man will end the discussion with: “To make these big bucks, sell these US products!” The group is scamming you into buying products for you to sell. You probably thought it was for free huh? Nope, you have to invest money to even start selling products. Think about it this way, they tell you to buy the product which is, let us say, P2,000. This includes everything you need to start your way to “success.” Now, basically, you’ve spent P2,000 and now you need to figure out a way to recoup the money you spent. Here’s the catch, the money goes straight to an account where it gets split amongst the people who got you to sign up and the head who talked to you. You basically paid them and now you’re P2,000 behind on money with a bunch of products that you need to sell, or get other people to join you and sell them the products.

Confused yet? Well, that’s the point of the pyramid scam. Sugar-coat you with goodness and then land you with no money by the end of the meeting. It all ends up with you being at the bottom of the pyramid trying to figure out how the system works while the guy you just talked to goes higher up the pyramid. Be aware of these groups at cafes. They’re not there to help you; they are just concerned about how many more pay checks they will be cashing in on. The more people that join, the more money they get. Persuasion is their weapon, and the weakness they prey upon is our need to become successful and financially stable. Think twice before joining when you hear the words, “Just pay this much first” or “Within 6 months you’ll see your money come in.” It makes no sense to use your own money to make more money without doing anything with it. It also doesn’t make sense to wait 6 months before you get any money back. Be cautious and warn the people you know about these groups of people. They’re only in it to take your money.

By: Anonymous Cheese Bread (The Pastry Life)

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