Myths about the Flu

“The Flu is very unpredictable when it begins and in when it takes off,” said Harvey V. Fineberg.

Flu, or influenza, is a respiratory ailment that is brought on by an infection. Influenza is very infectious and is normally spread by the coughs and wheezes of a person who is contaminated. While the season of flu is just around the corner, myths and misconceptions about the disease have been spreading like viruses. No one knows where they come from but definitely nobody should be exempted in knowing what they are all about. Here are some of the myths about the contagious Flu:

You can catch the Flu from the Flu shots. This confusion may have originated from the actuality that it takes two weeks for one’s body to frame antibodies to the immunization and completely secure the people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has cited that the infections in the flu shot are dead, so they can’t give any individuals the flu. New York City internist and WCBS News medical contributor, Dr. Holly Philips, has stated that the vaccine’s nasal spray version called the FluMist does contain a crippled rendition of live influenza infection but still, it won’t make anyone debilitated. The infections contained in the nasal spray are lessened (i.e., debilitated), which means they can’t bring about influenza sickness, explained by the CDC.

The Flu is just a bad cold. The regular cold and flu are brought about by diverse infections yet can have some comparative side effects, making them hard to differentiate one from the other. According to the CDC, numerous people who got H1N1 (swine influenza) a year ago were absent from work or school for a week because of their body condition – fever, body pains, sore throat, exhaustion, migraines and a runny or congested nose. Unlike a cold, which generally leaves by itself after five days or so, the flu can be the source of severe complications, mostly due to the secondary bacterial infections just like pneumonia. All in all, the flu is a lot more inferior and its symptoms are more extreme.

Antibiotics can fight the flu if you get it. Antibiotics can only exterminate bacteria, although the flu is caused by a virus. According to Dr. Dennis Cunningham, an infectious disease specialist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, there is anti- viral drugs that can battle influenza diseases but they’ve just been indicated to work when they’re given with 48 hours in the beginning of manifestations.”Most people, by the time they go to the doctor, they’re past the 48-hour mark,” he stated.

Health specialists and government organizations all through the world say that the most ideal approach to shield ourselves from getting influenza is to get vaccination consistently. As infections adjust and change, so do those contained inside of the vaccines—what is incorporated in them is to take into account the worldwide reconnaissance and researchers’ computations about which infection sorts and strains will flow in a given year. Then, after taking the vaccination we are already ensured for around two weeks. But always stay alert. If there’s time to guard yourself, start now.

By Shane Marie K. Canono

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