SU continues conducting earthquake and fire drills

Silliman University started conducting fire and earthquake drills to different colleges and departments in the university to prepare students and faculties for disasters that might hit Dumaguete City.

Student Housing and Residence Division (SHRD) Head Princeton Apura said that as early as June this school year, the university started the preparation for the drills because they encountered problems with scheduling before.

The first scheduled earthquake drill was with the Silliman University Elementary School last June 6.

Fire and earthquake drills are also some of the requirements for the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) accreditation from July 27 to 31.

PAASCU is a private organization that ensures the standard of quality education among schools, colleges, and universities.

“[Conducting earthquake and fire drills] is a need, not just a requirement,” said Apura.

The College of Education (including the Nutrition and Dietetics department), College of Arts and Sciences, College of Mass Communication, College of Computer Studies, Institute of Rehabilitative and Sciences, and Institute of Clinical Laboratory and Sciences participated in the drills from June to July.

A lecture about emergency preparedness was also set for the Medical School.

“When we had an earthquake drill at the College of Mass Communiction, there was an exam, but the teacher said ‘the earthquake will not choose whether there’s an exam or not. So we have to participate,’” Apura said.

Other colleges that were not included in the drills last week are going to have their drills on their scheduled dates this semester.

“We conduct earthquake drills because we are also preparing for earthquakes, not just fire,” said Apura.

Apura said that the proper use of chairs in covering heads before going to an open space will be shown to teachers and students before starting the drill.

The multimedia center covered the whole activity, while some students were asked to document it with their mobile phones.

Apura added that there is a chance that the accreditors would ask to do the drill again during the accreditation. They also conduct fire drills if colleges will request.

By Paulynne R. Dela Cruz

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