As Perfect as the movies

“Don’t wait for a perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect,” a magazine ad implored.

A lot of us had imagined a life of bliss, wondered where we could live like the people in stories novelist would write about and Hollywood stars would like to act out. Unfortunately, it only happens in movies and books.

However, there are times when reality just becomes fantasy: things that happen in movies may actually happen in real life. For example, drama─ it’s an everyday thing. You get to experience an authentic movie like drama, especially when people around you would act like immature individuals that treat everything like a big deal. Romance─ you don’t have to look for someone like Christian Grey to feel the “love me like you do” kind of thing. A simple act of showing you that they are in love with you is enough. Comedy─ you’ll find it everywhere, in your friend, your friend’s face, your friend’s dog, even in your thoughts when you’re thinking about your friend and your friend’s dog being funny.

The perfect moment is usually unexpected, you could start your day the normal way and end it movie-like awesome. The best part about is that you don’t have to wait─ it can happen right away and you don’t have to be stressed looking for it. You can just walk on sunshine and enjoy your time.

So how does one experience such thing? For starters, I’d say “get lost!” not as in “go away or disappear,” but explore and fall in love with the moment right before you; just as all photographers would find an interesting perspective in life through their cameras,  then express it through their photos. It’s plain and simple, you just have to enjoy whatever it is you’re doing or you’ll be doing, meet more people, and have fun.

We find the perfect moment when we’re just content with ourselves. It doesn’t matter who we spend it with and where we spend it. What matters is how we spend it with the people who are with us during the moment. Because it’s not about how fantastic the moment is that makes it “movie-like”; it’s about how fantastic it feels like that we will remember it forever.

By: Babe Jocelie Isaga, Behind the Camera

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