Orgs to hold anti-human trafficking arts and music fest

The anti-human trafficking campaign “Looking For (LF): Freedom” returns with an arts and music festival that will be held on July 24 at the Byblos Library and Café.

Unlike the first launch last July 2014, this year’s “LF: Freedom 2.0” will target Sillimanians instead of a larger audience.

Raymond Cutillar, the acting president of DAKILA Dumaguete and creative director of the event, said that the event will not be a concert but a “jam,” because it is held in a smaller venue.

“Due to the socio-economic state of the Philippines, more Filipinos go outside the country, thus increasing human trafficking incidents. There is an urgent need for people, especially students to know its red flags,” said Cutillar.

Local organizations like Belltower Project, DAKILA Dumaguete, iFight, and Indievided have been working with the SUSG Advocacy Committee (AdvoCom) in organizing the event.

SUSG AdvoCom Chairperson Charmaine Anne Malata said that students should be aware of human trafficking because anyone can be a victim.

“It’s shocking that most people aren’t aware that [Dumaguete] is the second city in the country with most human trafficking activities. So we want to tell everybody that this is happening, and we can actually fight this,” said Malata.

As an advocacy-driven organization of artists, Indievided planned for an arts and music festival to raise awareness as a way of attracting the audience through what they do.

“When we attract the audience, it gives us an opportunity to speak about the issue. When we sing, play, or talk about our paintings in Indievided, plenty of people give us their attention and actually listen to us,” said Indievided President Mike Pantejo.

Cutillar said that like last year’s event, LF: Freedom 2.0 will also have speakers for anti-human trafficking in between performances.

Aside from the speakers, local artists, musicians, and poets, an art exhibit will be held for the whole day. The Geek Culture Society will also sell stickers, artworks, among others on the event.

By: Jameela Antoniette I. Mendoza and Andrea D. Lim

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