Malayang: ‘Be very patient with us in Silliman’

Silliman University (SU) President Ben S. Malayang III asked the students to be “very patient” in the university in his message at the All-University Academic Convocation last July 13 at the Luce Auditorium.

“We will do our best to give you the kind of education that we believe will not only make you be able to do better than many others can do, but simply to make you better persons,” said Dr. Malayang.

At the start of his speech, Dr. Malayang stressed his fear of schools becoming dangerous to human society.

Malayang said that schools become dangerous when their only focus is just giving sharpness and competence on what students can do, without giving “the ability to care for others,” “the ability to grasp the reality of the God that is beyond their own realities,” and “the chance to shape conviction of serving others.”

He also said that other schools may be “very nice in making money,” but because these schools are unable to care for the poor, they become an “instrument for making more people poor.”

Silliman aims for a ‘whole person’ education that sharpens minds, souls, and spirits.

Malayang also said that SU wants to give students “an education that makes you not only good in what you are able to do, but simply an education that makes you a good person.”

Last March 21, the SU Board of Trustees unanimously voted to extend his term for two more years, from June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2018. He is the 12th president of the university.

By: Andrea Dawn E. Boycillo

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