Sillimaniansspeak “Was the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Genesis activities effective in orienting freshmen to the Silliman life? Why or why not?”

“Yes. Genesis was effective for me because it is a way to be able to develop teamwork and it also allowed me to meet new people.” – Mikhaella Ponce De Leon, Bachelor of Business Administration Management – I


“For me, the Genesis activity was  not totally effective. Because those who actually joined the activity were mostly other students from other year levels and the benefits like free ballpens, the free ice cream and all those other free stuff which were supposed to be for the freshmen. The higher year levels were the ones who were enjoying those privileges.” – Isiah Wallace A. Aba, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry – IV


“I don’t know because I wasn’t informed about the activity.” – Dominic Troy A. Kadusale, Bachelor of Secondary Education – MAPEH – II


“Yes. Because, I enjoyed their activities and I discovered Silliman.” – Carlisle Caroro, AB Political Science – I


“No. Since I wasn’t able to participate so I don’t know how effective it was.” – Shanthal Patron – Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering – I


“Yes. The genesis that was held last June was effective because it enables us freshmen to know what are the opportunities that we can have.” – Jessa B. Helbolario – Bachelor of Science in Nursing – I


“It is actually effective because we are well educated on the different opportunities that we can have here in Silliman.” – Leo Ross Dionaldo, AB History – I


“It was great because I was able to know about Silliman more.” – AB Political Science – I


“Yes. The Genesis was effective because it made the students socialize and meet new people.” – Katch Tristan Lomboy Dominguez, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology – I

Compiled By: Jessica Remata

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