College as a Freshie

It has been three weeks since the classes at Silliman University started. I had to change all the practices that I had developed in high school. I had to adapt to the fact that  classes in college only meet twice a week.

During the Genesis, we, the students met new groups, fraternities, sororities and societies of the interests of our fun and leisure. Joining organizations might be worthwhile. They may transform you to become better and sociable, expanding your circles. I remember one day during the expo, one booth offered us refreshments. Aside from the juice and the bread, which serve to beat the sizzling heat of the high afternoon, I also received a roll of paper that refreshed my thoughts of spiritualism. Written in the piece of paper was a phrase from the book of Jeremiah which tells us “God Has Plans for US.” He has really planned something for us. That is why I am encouraging all freshies to take part of the societies, socio-civic organizations and other organizations as where you may find your plans from God.

As a freshie, here are some tips that may be in the GENESIS mag or from my thoughts that may help you cope with the challenges here in Silliman University.

  1. Always run on the hallways away from doors (or suffer pain). Don’t run when the floor is wet.
  2. Always choose softdrinks from the vending machines to ensure satisfaction of money. Or if you can afford, try everything until you get what you want. Problems on shortage of coins? Just insert 20 pesos to a vending machine and turn the knob and coins will drop out of the slot.
  3. Always bring your class schedule. Always know your block mates and your subject teachers. It is very humiliating to enter the wrong class.
  4. While in Ausejo Hall, take the stairs near the vending machine instead of the ramp so that you will not be exhausted. Don’t take the elevator because it is broken.
  5. Stay in your classroom 5 minutes before your class schedule. Make bets with your classmates if they will be late or not.
  6. If the teacher/professor is not in your room after 30 minutes,leave your rooms as fast as you can. Don’t hesitate to wait longer. Just get out of the room unless the teacher is at the door already.
  7. Always smile and make new friends. Do not be shy on asking questions. Every free time is a time for making new friends. Hotspots are on kiosks where you can share thoughts and perceptions.
  8. Don’t be noisy at the library or else the control section may confiscate your IDs. Never sleep during presentations in the Luce Auditorium or the LACUU team will ask you to get out of the auditorium.
  9. Have good time management and only bring what you need in classes. Never forget to bring your ballpen and notebooks.
  10. Choose wisely on what organizations you will join. It must be related to your likes or hobbies because it is very hard to like what you don’t like unless you force yourself to like what you don’t really like. And don’t force yourself too hard on what you like if the thing you like does not make an impact to your life.

How fun can it be in college. A lot more than we expected. Most freshmen think that college is the worst stage of education. Math is very hard in college. You need to sleep late in order to study and make assignments. But, here you can make friends and grab more opportunities. Grow confidence and get to know your God. Well, there is more activities in the bucket list to experience while we are here at Silliman. All freshies will live and enjoy their college life to the max. Thanks to Silliman University and the SUSG for the warm welcome as we step up to college.
By: Leo Ross Dionaldo

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