Why choose Silliaman?

What makes Silliaman University the finest school to study college? Aside from the dusty old books you can borrow at the Silliaman Library, there are a number of reasons why you should choose Silliaman.

DATING PLACES. The green benches at the Ampingtheater have been a silent witness of the secrets and mysteries concealed at its every corner. Lovers and friends have once or twice left memories and moments together. The Kahadlukan Hall is also a favorite spot of many lovers, not just because of its famous eerie atmosphere, but also for the you-know-what’s-next environment that it has.

IDENTIFICATION CARD. It’s only in SU where your ID is the most significant thing next to your major subject. First of all, you can’t enter the school premises without it. With that, you’d end up getting in trouble with your terror teacher in your major classes unless you’d practice some ninja tactics to be able to sneak inside the campus.

BEST BASKETBALL TEAM. The Silliaman Scallions Basketball team is a team composed of talented and handsome young men. No matter how many losses they have accumulated, they are still the crowd’s favorite and the best team in the university.

EXERCISE PLACE. The whole campus is a gym where you can definitely exercise. Classes up to the fourth floor of Osejo Hall will surely help you lose some weight, if your next class is at the gym, popularly known as TBA.

FOREST. Silliaman has over 300 acacia trees scattered around the campus, a perfect spot to have a break on a hot sunny day and a stop-over during rainy days. However, don’t be deceived with the comfort that it offers. Better choose the tree you stand under because you will never know what it could give you—either a falling branch from the century old tree, or an itchy furry “TIL-AS.”

By Rhobie A. Ruaya

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