SU to launch own airlines

Silliman Airlines will soon soar the skies.

As part of Silliaman University’s aim to safeguard its students during fieldtrips, SU has bought an aircraft and will launch its own airlines before 2015.

SU President Ven Mayalang said, “We want to ensure the safety of our students. We are demanding them to use our own vehicles, but a tartanilya and three school buses cannot bring them to places outside Dumaguete.”

Mayalang added that environmentalists need not worry because the plane is powered by e-gas, a specialized fuel made from the manure of the horse that pushes the tartanilya.

Owning an airplane is part of SU’s plan to expand its own collection of different vehicles. The university is also planning to add a ferry to its collection.

“We can’t be a university beside the sea and not have our own ferry,” Mayalang said.

On the other hand, the Silliaman Airlines will not be exclusive to Silliamanians only.

“If there are no field trips, we will use the aircraft to accommodate passengers to Cebu and Manila. This is additional income revenue that will help us prepare for the enrolment drought in 2016,” Mayalang said.

Aside from the airlines and ferries, SU is also planning to draw in more income revenues by adding new courses in line with its new modes of transportation.

“We are still studying the possibility of establishing new courses. These are the certificate course in Airhostess/ Flight Steward, Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology-Major in Flying, and maritime courses. Classes for the maritime courses will be held in Guy Hall so it’s near the ocean,” Mayalang said.

In the meantime, the newly-bought aircraft will be parked in the East Quadrangle until the administration officials figure out where to build the airport.

Tickets for airplane flights can be charged to students’ tuition.

By Stephanie Ria L. Colinco

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