Loose Auditorium to allow popcorn

Due to the high demand of required shows and expensive season pass tickets, the Silliaman University Loose Auditorium finally allowed the eating of popcorn inside the building, effective today.

Asst. Prof. Jumar Avrio, Loose Auditorium director, said that the newly implemented rule is their way of giving back the favor to the students as they continue to put in more and more cash profit for the auditorium.

‘’I would like to give back the favor to the students because they have spent too much already and too much has been charged to their tuition, giving us a very big profit. That’s why we will be allowing popcorn inside the auditorium during shows and lecture series,’’ Avrio said.

Avrio added that the management of Loose Auditorium will be selling homemade popcorn with 50% discount for Silliamanian students and faculty and staff, 25% discount for non-Silliamanians and 10% interest for alumni.

Avrio added that “Silliaman University President Ven Mayalang commends us for coming up with this brilliant rule.”

Silliamanians are expressing their gratitude towards the management of Loose Auditorium for the newly implemented rule.

Lovey C. Pop, College of Hearts and Signs muse, said that their college was indeed happy knowing that they will be allowed to eat popcorn inside the auditorium during shows and lecture series.

‘’This is a good news for us. It will complete the atmosphere inside the auditorium because popcorn is the best food to eat while watching shows and or attending boring lectures,’’ Pop said.

Luisito Batongbakal, Korean exchange student for five years, also said that he was really happy to hear the new rule since popcorn is his favorite food for all occasions.

‘’I was happy. Also, it was a good thing that they are giving discount for the students. We can at least save 50% off the whole price. I just hope that the popcorn is delicious and crunchy,’’ Batongbakal added.

According to Avrio, the popcorn “will be made fresh by the No-tuition and Diabetics Department.”

‘’The management of the Loose Auditorium is always deliberating as to how we can improve our facilities inside the auditorium,’’ Avrio said.

By Nelly May S. Dableo

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