Fly Now, Pay Later

Silliaman University (SU) has acquired its own aircraft, an Airbus 380 which can accommodate up to 853 persons, and will soon launch the Silliaman Airlines (SA). This brilliant move is based on the university’s desire to protect its students during field trips. After several bus accidents where students of other schools lost their lives, the administration has decided that it would be better and safer if SU students travelled by plane instead during field trips.

SU is the first university in the world to own an aircraft and the Weakly Silliamanian fully supports the administration in this initiative. The aircraft was acquired with the help of a donation made by a billionaire SU alumnus, who, when he was a student, nearly died in a jeepney accident during a field trip to Valencia. It is commendable that the plane will be powered by an alternative source of energy—manure from the horse that pulls the tartanilya. But what is more commendable is that even students who don’t have plenty of cash can still go on field trips because the cost of airplane tickets, like those of tickets to a concert at the Loose Auditorium, can be charged to their accounts and paid later, preferably before graduation. To compete against Cebu Pacific, one of Asia’s top budget airlines, SA has adopted the motto, “Fly Now, Pay Later.”

In line with this, SU is also planning to open new courses in aeronautics for additional revenue in preparation for the enrolment drought in 2016. The plane will be used by student pilots for on-the-job training. A certificate course for flight stewards will also be offered, but will be opened exclusively to previous and present Miss Silliaman candidates. As a safety precaution, students will undergo a month of training on how to use a parachute before their flight. ROTC cadets, who will use the airplane for paratroop training, will train the students in skydiving.

However, students will be required to present a passport before boarding the plane, just in case it is hijacked to another country. Processing of the off-campus trip permits will also take longer now. The office of Submit to Our Aberrant Demands (SOAD) now requires application for field trips to be submitted three months, not just three days, before the trip.

The airplane will be assembled and parked at the Eastern Quadrangle until an airport large enough to accommodate it is constructed. While waiting, interested students are advised to make reservations, secure passports, and learn sky diving.

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