Fast food to replace dorm food

Goodbye dorm food, hello fast food!

After the alarming hospitalization of 36 Larana Hall dormers last Sept. 16, Silliaman University (SU) will no longer serve dormitories with cafeteria food, but with fast food from MangDonalds and Jollybee instead.

“We were very alarmed with what happened to the 36 dormers so while things are still under investigation, we decided to indefinitely cancel our orders from the Silliaman University Kapiteria,” said Kingston Ga-apura, head of Student Horsing and Recreation Division.

However, the shift in food services will cause an increase to the dormers’ fixed board. From Php20,800 per semester, the fixed board will be doubled, thus, making it Php41,600, according to Ga-apura.

Ga-apura said that these will be implemented to all the dormitories, both regular and cooperative. The implementation of the new food services will start next semester.

Students who plan to stay in the dormitory on the second semester are required to pay one-fourth or Php10,400 of the total amount during enrollment. However, if a student fails to pay during the enrolment, he or she will be deprived of the food.

Gem Katharyn Cabiles, a Chakannon Hall dormer, said that the arrangement is fine with her.

“At last, we will soon experience the mouthwatering taste of crispy fried chicken and have sundaes for desserts. Yum!,” she joyfully said.

Axla Villanuev, from Larana Hall, however, said that she is not in favor of the shift of food services.

“I am a vegetarian and these fast food chains don’t serve veggies, I won’t be staying in the dorm next semester because of this. Also, it is really very expensive, I cannot let my parents pay this much amount of money just for my food,” she said with a sad face.

By DM Lorena V. Narciso

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