CBA, Eng’g cheering team to merge

The College of Business Acquisitions (CBA) Warlords and the Engineering Tightans will merge in next year’s cheering competition which will be held during the Founders day celebration. The two teams will compete against all the colleges in the university to gain more victories in the future.

During the cheering competition last August, the Warlords bagged the first place, but the Tightans was their tightest opponent. The team that will be formed by the merging of the two teams will be called the “Wartans”.

Genneth Jurados, the team captain of the CBA warriors said that the two teams realized that they could be one in the competition.

“It will be a very good team for us, we will always be victorious,” Jurados said. The teams decided that they will start practicing this November to have new stunts to show next year.

“We will have more stunts to show next competition and we will practice earlier with no vacation,” Jurados said.

Both teams also decided that they will shave their heads, both girls and boys like the cheerleaders in the University of the Philippines. The color of their uniforms will be yellow and maroon to show that they are one.

By Nectarina M. Catada

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