CBA banned from Intrams ‘14

After three consecutive years as champion, the College of Business Acquisitions (CBA) is banned from competing in this year’s Intramurals. Instead, CBA students and their cheering team will support other colleges, as requested by Silliaman University.

Miriam Camacho, athletics director and head Intramurals coordinator, said that CBA is overqualified because their players can compete internationally.

“We’re banning CBA from competing because their students are too good to play in the university. They must compete nationally and internationally because they’re already defending champions. However, we’re requesting the students to cheer for other colleges since they have the biggest population and they have the loudest supporters every Intramurals,” Camacho said.

She added that CBA students would be part of the officiating and monitoring board. They will also be part of the medical response team to give first aid to injured players.

The Intramurals Committee and CBA signed a Memorandum of Agreement that CBA will not compete for the next two years in the Intramurals.

Noria Pantalan, CBA dean, said that she respects the decision of the Intramurals committee. However, she will require all CBA students to support other colleges by sponsoring the snacks and jerseys of all the players.

“CBA is the home of the champions. But this time, we will make a difference. Instead of competing, we’ll give our services to other colleges. What matters most is the moral support. We’re a very friendly college. It’s time to show more of our camaraderie and teamwork,” Pantalan said.

CBA Governor Joys Fino said that some of the CBA students especially the players and officers of the college council did not agree with the decision of the Intramurals Committee. However, Fino said that some students proposed to hold a sports fest within their college so they can make use of their six-month training.

“Our players have prepared a lot for this year’s Intramurals. We already have our banners and jerseys. Since we cannot compete, we’ll organize a sports fest a week before or after Intramurals,” said Fino.

Aside from CBA, other colleges are preparing for this year’s Intramurals. The College of Agree-culture and Divine School will merge into one team called COADS. Also, the College of Low and Medicinal School will make up one team called “Medical Lawyers” or “Doclaw”.

By Leslie J. Batallones

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