Student leaders propose projects for Dgte youth, kids

STUDENT LEADERS FROM different universities and colleges in Dumaguete proposed local projects for children and out of school youth in a summit organized by Sillimanians last Sept. 20 at the Convention Center, Dumaguete City.

After attending the International Youth Day summit sponsored by Asian Development Bank (ADB) last Aug. 12, Shamah Bulangis, freshman political science student and Dennise Marl Malinao, sophomore psychology student, organized Dumaguete Student Leaders Summit (DSLS).

The forum aimed to educate the student leaders on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that will replace Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2016. SDG gives a broader approach on poverty, health, gender, and other issues under the MDG.

In the DSLS forum, the student leaders discussed that they will look for people who can fund their local projects. The proposals will then be implemented on schools and communities.

Most of the schools discussed literacy and technical skills program for out-of-school youth (OSY).

Student leaders from Silliman University presented their “SIDLAK Dumaguete” project. This project aims to discover and enhance local talents.

They will go to different barangays to scout and develop local talents. They believe that children and OSY have the potential to go on proper training and talent exposure.

Meanwhile, the Negros Oriental State University student leaders proposed a Tutors ST project. Together with the teachers from different colleges, they will train the unemployed individuals and OSY to help them use their abilities to earn money.

On the other hand, the AMA Computer College proposed an awareness of cleanliness among students while student leaders from Foundation University launched their “Project Uswag.” They target to help the poor youth and inculcate in them social and environmental awareness.

Inputs from Dumaguete were sent to ADB and will be used by the United Nations.

Other organizers of the summit were Chelsea Mora, senior psychology major; Joy Enerio, sophomore medical technology student; Elijah Yu, freshman management student; Abisheg Atega, junior management student; and Sharon Bulangis, sophomore civil engineering student.

By Leslie J. Batallones

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