Sillimanians Speaks: “Would you vote for PNoy if he runs again as a candidate for the 2016 elections? ”

“As a part of young voters, I would not vote for PNoy if he would run again, because he didn’t manage his time well in developing our nation. One can do so much in six years. I didn’t see development in a span of one term, how much more on two terms?” – Esther Micah B. Gillesania, Bachelor of Mass Communication II

“Yes, I would vote for PNoy if he runs again as president. He is the only politician I can trust and believe. From what I have seen, he has done a lot of good things for our country than the past administration, who had done nothing but steal the people’s money. I believe that if he would stay longer in the administration, he can improve our country more. We may not see the effects of his projects, but we will see development in the long run.” – Shama P. Mongcopa, BBA-MGT III

“Yes, I would. With PNoy, our economy now is doing good. If this continues, I am sure the Philippine economy will be better. He deserves my vote. ” – Celeste Ann M. Morito, BBA-MGT IV

“I would not. It is not because he does not deserve the position, but because he already had his chance to prove his worth and his good service. I want another new candidate to have a chance to lead.” – Christdel Ragay, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Compiled by Mae Claudine Teves

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