Peace Forum: Climate change linked to conflicts

The effects of climate change and the number of conflicts that society has been facing nowadays have affected the structure of peace according to the lecturers of the Peace Forum last Sept. 22 at the Audio Visual Theater.

Romualdo Sineres, regional coordinator for Central Visayas of the Visayan Forum Foundation Inc. and focal person of the Save Mt. Talinis Movement, said that climate change increased mass migration and armed conflicts, thus, affecting peace.

“Climagration is the term used to describe the forcing of communities to migrate to other places because of climate change,” Sineres said.

Sineres emphasized that some communities in the world, particularly on arctic areas, moved to other places to keep themselves safe.

Sineres also added that the result of climate change can be seen on the recent typhoons that hit our country.

“[After] Yolanda, people become restless and they started to do unlawful actions [such as looting] just to survive,” Sineres said.

In order to sustain peace, Sineres suggested that both the government and people should help in mitigating climate change and global warming.

“The government should implement substantial mitigating action and should implement the climate change plan as mandated by the law. With this, the effects of climate change will be prevented thus, peace among our communities will be achieved,” Sineres said.

On the other hand, Prosecutor Juditho Agan, provincial prosecutor of Negros Oriental, said that in order to achieve peace, one must change the radical way of thinking of mankind.

“It is essential to radically change our attitude towards our relationships to other countries,” Agan said.

He said that the reason why conflicts are arising between countries is because countries are blinded by power and politics.

Agan added that countries are becoming more concerned on protecting territories by increasing armed forces rather than looking into peace through diplomatic means.

“Conflict is as old as mankind. It is up to us to work for it. If we want peace, we also have the duty to respect and have peace within our heart and mind,” Agan said.

The said forum was part of the Peace Week Celebration organized by the SU Religion and Peace Department.

By Nova Veraley V. Grafe

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