In the campus journalism workshop the publication adviser, editor-in-chief, and I recently attended, all speakers commended Silliman not just for a good school paper, but also for being a beautiful university. “Such beautiful, beautiful campus with good students is Silliman,” Prima Quinsayas, a private prosecutor who fights for press freedom and journalist’s rights and who lectured during the workshop, said when she shook my hand. Even before the awarding and giving of certificates, other participating publication advisers and students were also shocked when they learned that tWS circulates on a weekly basis. I heard their “Weh, ‘di nga?” and “Really?” statements. While walking towards the stage to receive the certificate, a student sitting near our table uttered loudly: “Nag-aaral pa ba kayo?!” (Do you still study?!)

Being in one of the only four universities who circulates school papers once a week in our country is such a privilege for me. Being a part of the Weekly Sillimanian staff is a blessing. Social life, love life (haha), and other life aspects may be sacrificed, but the experience is so enriching and humbling that I don’t want to miss out. The staff became my family in school, too. We continue to learn from each other, and I know it’s the same way with other organizations.

The recognition and praises from others during the workshop were not moments of vanity for me as a Sillimanian; they were moments of realization and appreciation, because we are so privileged to be in a campus where there are many organizations for us to hone our skills and master our crafts. There are many programs with different advocacies and goals we can join. We are also trained here to lead with character, to prepare us in the future – that’s what sets our university apart from others, I believe. Silliman is not just known for its beautiful campus, but also for the good students it produces.

I also thought of the SUSG members who cater to the student body’s needs, LACUU and LACREW who serve and take care of the Luce Auditorium, SU Corps of Campus Ambassadors who tour and orient people about Silliman, and other members of different organizations who hold events and activities with one purpose: to constantly improve our campus. Indeed, what make our school beautiful are not just the mighty acacia trees and buildings, but also the students who apply the quality education Silliman bestowed upon them by upholding the school’s quality.

But I’m writing this not only for those who joined organizations. This article cheers for any Sillimanian who gives parts of himself or herself through his or her own little ways, sacrificing despite knowing that it was never easy in order to make our school a better place. This is for anyone who constantly shows his or her love and care for Silliman. This is for the people who believe that they can contribute to the university’s improvement. This is for those who grab opportunities to holistically improve. As the first semester’s about to end, cheers to each one of us.

Responding to Her Wordbeats
Andrea D. Lim

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