4 Medtech grads top boards

Four board passers from the Silliman University Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (SU-ICLS) landed in the top 10 of this year’s Medical Technology Licensure Examination. With a passing rate of 99.01%, SU-ICLS was named the second best performing school in the Philippines.

Sillimanians dominated the list of the top 10 passers for this year. Kym Yves Tan Sirilan ranked 5th with an average of 89.90%. Following at top 6 was Jemuel Telen Guasa who scored an average of 89.60%.

Jason Cuevas Bansuela placed 8th with an average of 89.30% while Antonio Marqueda Vincoy Jr. was top 9 for attaining an average of 89.20%.

Out of 101 ICLS graduates who took the exam, 100 of them passed, giving SU-ICLS a passing average of 99.01%.

Teodora A. Cubelo, dean of ICLS, is thankful for the rating this year.

“I’m thankful that God allowed us to have a very good rating and that Silliman has been named as the top 2 best performing [Medical Technology] school for this year,” Cubelo said.

Cubelo added that they “consider the students who placed in the top 10 as an added grace from God.”

Cleonico Fontelo, vice-president of Finance Administration, said that they refund the topnotchers of their tuition while they studied in SU under certain conditions.

According to Fontelo, the fifth placer’s tuition for his last two years in Silliman will be refunded, but exclusive of the scholarships he enjoyed in those years.

For the sixth to tenth placers, Fontelo said, “[They] will be refunded the tuition for their last year, but net off the scholarships they enjoyed during their academic years in Silliman.”

Fontelo added that “refunds are handed in cash unless the topnotcher puts up a scholarship under his/her name.”

By Nectarina M. Catada

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