The Life Changer

When I started my first years in college, I thought I was living the kind of life I always wanted. You know, not studying but still getting averagegrades in my classes, and getting wasted on weekends which would leave menothing but nasty hangovers and a couple of bruises on my face the next morning. I was still immature at that time; I was still learning my ways in growing up without any proper guidance.

Now that I’m in my senior year, I have realized all the mistakes I had done in the past. And this is the part of my life when I began to play Frisbee – the sport I play which helped me change my outlook towards life.

I’ve been playing Ultimate Frisbee for almost a year now. I was so eager to become a better player that I would save all my money just to go to different provinces so that I could play in the tournament. The game of ultimate Frisbee is a game of equality; there is no rich or poor. It’s a game which made me learn about honesty and respect for one another, whether they are my teammate or my opponent. I never thought I would join this sport, but as time goes by, I started loving it, and soon, I became addicted to it. The game made me explore life in different ways, and make friends from all over the country with different life backgrounds.

Aside from the values I learned in playing Frisbee, I also enjoy the company of my teammates. I started joining local tournaments, with one of the best teams in the country. Being surrounded with everyone older than me, I started learning more about life, work and respect. By just observing the behavior of others, I find them more than just my teammates – they are more like my family.As time goes by, I learned how to work properly; there was no room for being lazy. Being among the youngest ones in the group, I started learning more about Filipino culture as well –even just a simple‘thank you’ can change the mood of someone’s day.

The day changed me. As I reminisce about who I was in the past, I realized all the bad things the immature me had done. To the people whose feelings got hurt with my silly antics, I sincerely apologize. I’m just soblessed to have the friends I have now, and I’m happy that Ultimate Frisbee came into my life. Thank you Lord.

Brandon A. Canonizado

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