SUMS scores 100% in boards for 5th year

Twenty-one new doctors maintained the track record of Silliman University Medical School (SUMS) after hitting the 100% mark in the Physician Licensure Examination for five consecutive years.

Since it produced its first batch of doctors in 2009, all of SUMS’s 57 graduates passed the said exam.

Dr. Jonathan C. Amante, dean of the Medical School said that the secret of the 5-year 100% consistency rating is the continuous effort and activity of SUMS.

Amante added that the whole process starts with the selection of students.

“The selection process is very tedious. SUMS only accepts the upper 30% of the applicants,” Amante said.

Amante also added that the medical students will undergo “daily drill and grill” throughout the four years of medical education.

“Except for their daily quizzes, they will take daily examinations. These are plotted examinations which means the students can choose on what scheduled examination they will take,” Amante said.

In the preparation of the licensure examination, Amante said that SUMS will guide the examinees.

“The examinees will have a one year of preparation. In the first two to three months, before the exam, they will have an intensive board review. Also, in their senior year, the students are starting to have their board review,” Amante said.

Aside from academic support, SUMS also guided the examinees through moral and spiritual support.

“Before the examination, faculty will visit the examinees and make sure that they are focused on their review. Also, before the examination, we send our prayers through devotions,” Amante said.

Although SUMS doesn’t belong to the Top 10 Medical Performing Schools in the country, Amante said that SUMS is considered as one of the few excellent Medical Schools in the country.

“When our graduates are 50 and above, that’s when SUMS will be part of the ranking system,” Amante said.

However, Amante stressed that more than the ranking, what’s important is maintaining the record.

Amante added that while maintaining the record, SUMS will also continue its efforts to configure the curricular content of the school.

“SUMS will get the grades of students, evaluate the ratings for each subjects and enhance the content while maintaining the standards of the curriculum,” Amante said.

Amante added that “SUMS envision that there will be more physicians in the next five years and there will be more physicians that will serve the country in both rural and urban communities.”

Results were released on Sept. 4 by the Professional Regulation Commission.

By Nova Veraley V. Grafe

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