Sillimanians Speak: “What is your take on Dumaguete City being one of the world’s top retirement places?”

“As a resident of Dumaguete City, it flatters me to know this fact. But the rampant killings and bad demeanors that other occupants have been doing can drive away those people who thought our city is a good place to retire. I don’t think we should be so proud of this unless we preserve the peacefulness of this city and the gentleness of its people.” – Sherry Marie Yleana Zosa Patron, BBA Mgt IV

“I’m thrilled to know that our city has been acknowledged greatly, but I also believe that it is a good and a bad thing. We will have more visitors in our city because it is now more known. However, there might be a lot of tourists flocking in, which will cause overpopulation. ” – Arkenson Jan R. Duran, BSEE I

“It’s very surprising. Most people who have long been living in Dumaguete, including myself, find the place ordinary and very provincial. But with Dumaguete listed together with various beautiful places all over the world, it reminds Dumagueteños like me tend to take for granted: simple and cheap living, untouched sanctuaries, and the serenity it has.” – Dayle Casianan, BBA Mgt III

Compiled by Mae Claudine Teves

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