Showers of Blessings

twsTwenty-one Silliman University Medical School graduates have maintained the perfect record of SUMS in the Physician Licensure Examination. Since producing its first graduates in 2009, it has scored a 100% passing rate during the past five years. These new doctors are among the many Sillimanians who brought honor to the university through their impressive performance in the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) examinations since January of this year.

Fifty-three nursing graduates became registered nurses with flying colors after attaining a 100% passing rate in their licensure examinations last June and the College of Nursing was even named one out of three top nursing schools in the country. Last May, Silliman’s passing rate in both licensure examinations for mechanical engineers and librarians was also 100%.

This month, a fresh graduate of the College of Engineering and Design ranked 9th in the recent Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination. Isser Kadusale is one of the five Sillimanians who excelled by reaching the top ten of their respective licensure examinations in 2014. Last August, Adrian Teves, placed second in the Physical Therapy Licensure Examination. Last February, Danielle Hannah Enriquez emerged eighth in the same licensure exam. Orlando Cabugnason, a graduate from the College of Agriculture, finished 7th in the licensure exam for agriculturists last June. Also in the list of topnotchers is Marian Vanslembrouck, third-placer in the Nursing Licensure Exam last January.

SU’s achievements this year are not only in the PRC licensure examinations. Last month, Stacy Danika Alcantara, a Mass Communication summa cum laude, topped the Department of Foreign Affair’s Foreign Service Examinations. The exam was so tough that only 30 out of more than 300 applicants passed. Four Sillimanians occupied the fourth to seventh places of the Career Service Examination Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) Professional Level for Central Visayas conducted by the Civil Service Commission last July. They are Noreen Rose Duran, Argie Victor Gadiana, Gwynne April Umali and Matthew Rex Torres. This month, two writers from SU were given prestigious awards for their literary work. Cesar Ruiz Aquino, an SU alumnus and currently a member of the faculty of the English Department and Literature, was named Nick Joaquin Poet of the Year. Karlo David, another litterateur from SU, garnered second place for his one-act stage play in the Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. In the field of jurisprudence, Atty. Mikhail Maxino, dean of the College of Law, was selected also this month as a recipient of this year’s Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban Professorial Chair on Liberty and Prosperity.

God has showered many blessings on SU this year. These showers of blessings and those from previous years are not to be taken for granted, but are to be reciprocated with outpourings of thanks to Him who is the Ultimate Source of all blessings. Through these, He intends to help Sillimanians cultivate an attitude of gratitude. As philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero, once said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues, but the parent of all others.”

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