Nestle scouts SU for future employees

The Silliman University (SU) Corps TO LEVEL UP the skills of top students and to search for potential employees, Nestle Philippines conducted an orientation for Management Immersion for Leader Excellence (MILE) program in Silliman University (SU) last Sept. 8.

Denisse Raymundo, the talent acquisition manager of Nestle, said that the vision of Nestlé MILE is to train, hone, and really polish the talents and skills of the cream of the crop of the Philippines as a whole.

In order to reach such vision, Raymundo added that this year, Nestle MILE focused on visiting the provincial schools, particularly in Visayas and Mindanao, to really get a stranglehold of the most promising students.

“We found that students from the province are more ready in terms of the new techniques and the new strategies in the corporate world that could really help Nestlé advance into a new generation,” Raymundo said.

Moreover, Raymundo said that Nestle MILE believes that training future employees has to begin early.

“Our training and leadership programs for university students allow young talents to interact with professionals, be trained in the top food and beverages company in the world, and be immersed in the Nestle way of doing business,” Raymundo said.

As part of the qualifications for students who are willing to enter the corporate world, Raymundo said that Nestle is looking for young individuals who not only excel academically, but also showcase inspiring leadership skills—promising individuals who possess characteristics of a Nestle professional.

Zevie Marquez, the marketing head of the College of Business and Administration council, said that this is a great opportunity for students who wants to be part of big companies.

“Speaking in a business point of view since I’m a business management student, this is very important because I want to be a part of the corporate world. This is one of those opportunities that give me the chance to be part of big companies such as Nestle,” Marquez said

The Nestle MILE program was started in 2009.

“It has been six years, and more and more we see the program evolving in such a way that we want to focus on the provincial and more quality candidates. We lessened the candidates just so we can focus on the people we want to get,” Raymundo said.

By Nectarina M. Catada and Raymond A. Cutillar

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