Luce musical to tell story of ampalaya

PHOTO FROM Silliman University Cultural Affairs Committee

PHOTO FROM Silliman University Cultural Affairs Committee

A musical play based on a children’s book entitled, “Ampalaya the Musical” will be staged by the Cultural Affairs Committee (CAC) on Sept. 19-22 at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium.

“Alamat ng Ampalaya”, the book it is based on, was written by Augie Rivera in 1995.

Dessa Quesada-Palm, artistic director of the musical, said that the emphasis of CAC this season is to celebrate the local talents and bring good shows that offer values. However, the CAC also invited international artists.

“CAC values the sense of the history of music, classical events, and the discipline of the artists,” Palm said.

PHOTO FROM Silliman University Cultural Affairs Committee

According to Palm, Sillimanians are engrossed with watching cultural shows.

“Like in many other communities, there is definitely a more heightened appreciation [of cultural shows] in Silliman because the university promotes it. I am very happy because Silliman really takes its role to develop appreciation,” Palm said.

Onna Rhea Quizo, one of the actors of the said play, said that the audience will be expecting a story of friendship and appreciation of oneself.

“As teens, we conform to what social media says like ‘you want that waste line, that skin tone.’ The play is really relatable. Although this is about vegetables and children, there are a lot of moral lessons if you just open your mind,” Quizo said.

“Ampalaya the Musical” is in collaboration with the Orchestra sin Arco and SU Rondalla Band.

Michael Dadap, a New York-based artistic and musical director, made the original music and song lyrics in collaboration with Patty Yusah. Musical-direction is by Dr. Elizabeth Susan Vista- Suarez.

This is the second production of the musical. It was first produced for Ating Pamana in 2003.

By Leslie J. Batallones

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