Bands lament shortened Christian Night sched

Bands who performed during the Christian Night expressed their sentiments regarding the issue that the time for the Christian Night was compromised to show a livestream of the Miss Silliman pageant last Aug. 24.

Cole Leo Geconcillo, from the H4U band said, “I understand that Miss Silliman is one of the most prestigious pageants, but I don’t believe that Silliman, supposedly being a Christian school, should prioritize a pageant over anything.”

Maricon Deparoco, chairperson of the Silliman University Student Government-Religious Life Committee (SUSG-RL C), said that they were disappointed because they did not meet the purpose of the Christian Night.  

“The purpose of this event [Christian Night] was defeated. The theme was ‘Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus’ and I think the most important part of the event was the preaching,” Deparoco said.

Deparoco said that the original time frame of the said event was from 5-8 p.m., but in the middle of the event they were informed by the Committee on Student Organizations (ComSO) that they should end the program by 7 p.m. because of the Miss Silliman live stream.

According to Deparoco, Pastor Carlton Palm, the speaker of the event, was not able to deliver his the bands play their songs during the praise and worship.

Aside from the H4U band, other bands from different Christian church organizations in Dumaguete City that were invited also shared their sentiments on what had happened.

Marc Antonio, team leader of J2Mad, said that the event involved worship and proclaiming the word of God.

“It should be given significance… especially that the climax of that event was the sharing of the Word,” Antonio said.

Patrik Norouzi, keyboard player of the Lifebox Music Team, said that it all comes down to proper scheduling and a leadership concern.

“Christian Night is definitely one of the important activities that many people are probably looking forward to… we are looking at the number of attendees. So if you’re going to divide it between two major activities, one being Miss Silliman, then you’re compromising the other one,” Norouzi said.

John Henrick Abella, the chairperson of the Miss Silliman committee said, that they were saddened by the compromise.

“The Miss Silliman committee is saddened to know that the Christian night had to compromise some of its segments just to give way to the live Miss Silliman 2014 Pageant,” Abella said.

Abella added that it is not the intention of the committee to override the prescheduled activities of such event, “most especially that the two events are one with the goal of celebrating the 113th Founders Day of Silliman meaningfully.”

On the other hand, Irish Generoso, chairperson of the Committee on Student Organizations (ComSO) explained that the reason why they had to cut the program was due to the live stream.

 “The live stream wasn’t free, so if ComSO didn’t shorten the program, it would be a waste of money because ComSO already paid for it,” Generoso said.

Generoso stressed that they offered another option for them (RL C) to play after the live stream, but they refused because the event might end late.

By Nectarina B. Catada and Ina Isabelle A. Taburaza

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