Wake up, it’s September!

twsNow what’s next after #Hibalag #FoundersDay #Silliman@113?

“Oh September, please be good to me” will yet be the most famous line to be posted in social networking sites; just like any other first days of the month. Yes, we have a few August hangovers, but let’s see what September can offer.

S e p t e m b e r is the ninth month of the Gregor ian c a l end a r , which we are using now. It used to be the seventh month when the Roman calendar was still being used, and this is where it got its term septem; meaning, seven.

The first Monday of the month is Labor Day, which is celebrated in honor of workers and observed as a holiday in the US. In the Philippines, here are few of the important dates:

On September 3, 1898, the periodical organ of the Philippine Revolution against Spain, La Independencia, came out with its first issue. It was founded by General Antonio Luna, Supreme Chief of the Army under Emilio Aguinaldo.

A number of important people in our history were born in September; some of them are Benigno Aquino Sr. (September 3, 1894), Sergio Osmeña Sr. (September 9, 1878) and Ferdinand Marcos (September 11, 1917).

On September 21, 1972, President Ferdinand Marcos placed the Philippines under Martial Law. September 21 is the official date of the declaration, but was formally announced on TV and radio live by Mr. Marcos on September 23.

On September 22, 1943, the Philippine national anthem and the national flag were declared official symbols by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 211.

Indeed, our country has so much in its history during the month of September. B u t aside from these historical dates, there are many places in the country that make history for itself because of the celebration of different fiesta.

Many festivals are celebrated in the Philippines during this Month. If you’re the type of person who loves adventures and travelling, take note that there are 40 – plus celebrations all over the country. Bonok-Bonok Festival in Surigao City, Megayon in Zamboanga Del Sur and Peñafrancia in Naga City are just some of the biggest celebrations you can enjoy on.

However, there is one day in September that gets to be remembered by many people, not for a joyous celebration, but for a tragic incident which took over 30,000 lives. On September 11, 2001, 19 terrorists, working in teams of 4 or 5, hijacked four commercial jetliners, and turned them towards New York’s World Trade Center. Two of the planes, loaded with fuel and passengers, were flown at full speed into the twin towers in the financial district of New York City. The buildings burst into flame, and then collapsed, killing thousands of innocent individuals. A third terrorist crew smashed their plane into the Pentagon, headquarters of the U.S. military in Arlington, Virginia. The hijackers of the fourth airliner apparently intended to hit another target in the Washington, D . C . area, but passengers on the p l a n e r e a l i z e d what was happening, and fought back. This airplane crashed in a field in rural Pennsylvania.

For some people, September is just another ordinary month. However, for SU students, it is the month where post Hibalag-hangovers should be controlled. But nevertheless, it’s a new month to start and discover something. Wake up! It’s September!

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http://likas-philippines.com/filipiniana/festivals-celebrations/ september/173-september-events.html

By Rhobie Ruaya

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