SU launches Memory Wall

Ss part of the Founders Day celebration, Silliman University (SU) recollected the memories of alumni who have passed away through the launching of the Memory Wall last Aug. 25 at the SU Church grounds.

Prof. Jane L. Belarmino, Vice- President for Development, said that the Memory Wall will serve as “a place to memorialize and commemorate the Sillimanians who have passed on.”

“This will be a spot where we will witness the reunion of families, the resembling of Christ among friends, and the tracing of roots of generations both in the past and the present. [This will be] a place where we will remember the life of someone we have so loved and cared for, of someone who meant so much to us, of someone whose memories we will treasure forever,” Belarmino said.

Dr. Hope S. Antone, the speaker during the Memorial Service, said that the Memory Wall connects us with the rich stories and lessons from the past, and connects us to the future by the stories of the alumni and friends.

Belarmino expressed that gifts for the Memory Wall project will be used by the Silliman University Christian Ministry to “sustain the continuing support to the SU Church, the work of its pastors and volunteers, and the community that it serves.”

“The memory wall will bring us the needed resources that will be committed to the programs of the SU Church, the Christian ministry of the different units in the university, and the efforts in enriching the services of our pastors,” Belarmino said.

On the other hand, Belarmino said that this will help prepare the university for the year 2016.

“The Memory Wall is also a means for us to generate the needed financial support that will keep us in the university going especially in the years that there will be a substantial decline in enrollment for college due to the K-12 transition period,” Belarmino added.

The Memory Wall is located at the back of the SU Church.

By Nectarina Catada

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