SU enrolment grows by 3.1%

The Silliman University  (SU) enrollment rating for the S.Y. 2014-2015 increased to 3.1% based on the Comparative University Enrollment Report issued by the Office of the Registrar and Admissions.

Two hundred ninety-three students this year added to last year’s 9,375 number of enrollees. The College of Engineering increased by 93 students -the highest increase in terms of headcount.

The top three colleges with the largest populations are College of Business Administration (1,640), College of Arts and Sciences (956) and the Institute of Clinical Laboratory and Sciences (773).

Annabelle E. Pa-a, the university registrar, said that the increase of enrolment can also be due to the increased admissions in the graduate programs and in the School of Basic Education.

Pa-a added that graduate programs increased by 16.1% because of the preparations for ASEAN 2015 and the regulation from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

“This is one of those indicators that the teaching personnel should really meet the qualifications of CHED, which is to finish a master’s degree,” said Pa-a.

In the same enrolment report, the Masters in Business Administration increased to 18.8% and in doctoral programs, PhD in Social Science increased to 70%.

However, Pa-a said that they are anticipating for a decline in college enrolment by 2016.

“We are trying to meet the challenges of the approach on implementation of the K-12,” said Pa-a.

Mark Raygan Garcia, director of the Office of Information and Publications (OIP), said that the increase of enrolment in the graduate programs of SU is a good indication of the effort of the university to attract more people to pursue their graduate endeavors and invest in graduate studies here in SU.

“In this time and age where competition is very strong, especially in the case of ASEAN 2015, a post graduate degree is an edge,” Garcia said.

SU’s continuing efforts

However, Garcia said, that the rate of enrollment is dictated by the demand, supply, and passion.

Garcia cited the trend in nursing in Silliman as an example of how the university copes with the changes in its enrolment rating.

“The trend of decline of enrolment in nursing is true because it is happening in most of the universities in the country. Despite the decreasing demand of nurses especially in the United States, there are still a good number of nursing students,” Garcia said.

Garcia also added that the university is looking for more partnerships in order for the graduates to be employed after they graduate from Silliman.

“We constantly expand our network of partners because we want our graduates to be employed. We don’t like a big bulk of them to contribute to the unemployment statistics,” Garcia added.

With this increase, Garcia said that it can be attributed to the good publicity and good reputation of the university.

“Students were able to participate in international and national conferences, top in board and licensure examinations, and excel in competitions and research projects,” Garcia said.

Garcia also added that because of these developments, many parents will choose Silliman education as a worthwhile investment for their children.

SU’s marketing strategy

One of the reasons why the enrolment increased was because of the university’s effort to attract more students outside Negros Oriental to study in Silliman, as part of their marketing strategy.

“Out of the 9,668 total enrollees here in Silliman, 60% of this are from Negros Oriental. Because of this, we would like to intensify our efforts of getting more students outside the province because we want our reach to be wider,” Garcia said.

There is a growing number of Silliman students who come from Manila and most of these students enrolled in Silliman, according to Garcia, “because of the Silliman environment.”

“If you want to be successful, it is all about holistic education. It is not just about training them to be competitive, developing competencies in them, but also the environment,” Garcia said.

By Leslie J. Batallones

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