Fresh Faces in Founders

For every Sillimanian, August means that the entire campus will be filled with smiles and merriment. Not only is this a month for upholding our National Language, but it is also a time for celebrating the university’s Founders week.

As a 113-year old annual celebration, it has become a tradition to showcase the Sillimanian spirit through flying colors and cheers. During this week-long occasion, different colleges, organizations, and even dormitories organize and engage in friendly competitions to demonstrate their excellence in various fields. These events do not only provide opportunities to take pride in one’s affiliation, but also opportunities to develop teamwork and strengthen unity with others. These events also widen one’s social circles and extend them to people from different year levels and courses.

On another thought, let us not overlook this opportunity for the first year students to see what it really means to be a Sillimanian. Being freshmen, they are still adjusting to the college life and have no idea on what to expect from the Founders week celebration. This is why every year, Silliman University, with the help of the student government and various campus organizations, is challenged to exert the best of efforts in creating a new remarkable experience for all.

These are what some freshmen have to say about their experiences in this year’s Founders week celebration:

“I joined the inter-dorm dance competition. Actually, this is my first time to encounter such event, and as a freshman, it’s really fun and mind-blowing. I’m really joining it again next year. Thumbs up for Founders Week”

Maebell H. Dayhop, BS IT-1

“The activities, most especially the booths, are fun. Back to weeks of anticipation, I was really looking forward to all sorts of things. I spent the past nights exploring the Hibalag booths with my block mates, and cheering for CBA in different competitions. This year’s Founders Week is indeed a blast.”

Marielle Ann T. Villarante, BS Accountancy 1

“I really looked forward for Abra and Loonie this Founders. It was the first time I saw my Idols in person. SU Founders week is on a totally different level compared to my high school experience”.

Ma. Carla C. Espada, BS Nursing -1

“I tried the horror chamber, and I really had fun running and screaming with my block mates. I hope I can join the Horrace next year, if they’ll have it again.”

Vanessa G. Bonner, AB English-1

“I really enjoyed the open house, because not only were we able to show our friends where we stay, we were also able to explore other dorms and eat a lot of food. I didn’t expect to spend so much on Founders week though, at least next time I can save money in advance.”

Camille C. Sulib, BSMT-1

Not only is August a month full of events, colors and fun competitions, but it is also a chance to make unique experiences to remember. This year’s freshmen still have more Founders week memories to add to their photo albums as they continue their studies here in Silliman University.

By Kathryn Ged Ballesteros

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