2 Sillimanians attend youth summit

Two Siliman University (SU) students attended the 2014 International Youth Day Summit at Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters last Aug. 12 in Pasig City.

Political Science freshman Shamah Bulangis and Psychology sophomore Dennise Marl Malinao were among the 300 youth leaders who engaged in the summit.

With the theme, “Empowering the Youth to Achieve Great Expectations,” the participants engaged in the discussion of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015 and at the same tackled the replacement of MDG with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Bulangis said that during the summit, the facilitators assigned them certain goals that targeted SDG and made them create certain projects out of eight goals.

Bulangis said that leaders are called to be transparent and accountable. She also said that leaders must do some social awareness programs.

“Silliman and Dumaguete have different way of showing activism. Activism doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s violent and militant. Activism just means you are not passive about the social issues that are affecting people,” said Bulangis.

As to how to solve the problem of youth apathy in SU, Malinao stressed that the student government and college councils should work hand in hand “to inform and encourage the students to participate in the university and college activities and give them incentives.”

To use their learnings in the summit, Bulangis and Malinao are now planning to organize a Dumaguete-wide leaders’ summit which is projected to happen on Sept. 20.

By Leslie J. Batallones

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