SUSG president shares vision, clears issues

University Student Government (SUSG) has stated that activities under this year’s administration will all be in line with their vision.

SUSG president, Hanz Denzil Villahermosa, said that the SUSG’s vision for this year is to come up with activities that have weight and relevance.

“For the past few years, SUSG has been known for its parties, fun, and excitement. This year, SUSG wants to have an administration that would organize events that would not only capture fun and excitement, but also infuse advocacies,” Villahermosa said.

This year, Villahermosa said that all the events during and after the Founders Week celebration should be in line with an advocacy or a cause.

“SUSG envisions a Silliman student who is not only competent, but also someone who fights for something. And that is something that is lacking among our Sillimanian students right now,” Villahermosa said.

To fulfill such vision, SUSG, according to Villahermosa, is planning to organize a forum this 2nd semester that will gather youth leaders in Negros Oriental where they can discuss issues and problems concerning the youth and create solutions addressing those problems.

“A meaningful SUSG is one that would give an impact to the students, raise students’ awareness, and empower students in the process,” Villahermosa said.

Moreover, one of SUSG’s plans is to venture outside the university and reach out to other communities.

“SUSG is only limited inside the university, that is why, part of our program is to create a manifesto in order for us to reach out to the communities with the help of various institutions like Gawad Kalinga and Gaba-an Youth Lead,” Villahermosa said.

Despite SUSG’s expressed plans and visions, there are still a lot of queries from the student body. One of these concerns is the late university acquaintance party.

Villahermosa said that it took them a while to plan everything for the acquaintance party because SUSG changed the whole program.

“In the previous administrations, band presentations have been a tradition as part of university’s acquaintance party, however, this year, we opted to have a dance competition so that students will be engaged,” Villahermosa said.

Villahermosa added that along with their plans, dates were postponed because of some unprecedented events like college acquaintance parties and performances in the Luce Auditorium.

Villahermosa stressed that the highlight of the acquaintance party was not the foam party, but the advocacies of the dance troupe that participated in the competition.

“The acquaintance party was well attended. Foam party was just part of the whole program. It was supposedly the time to gather and to be aware of the advocacies of SUSG and of the dance troupes. But it was a success,” Villahermosa said.

Because of last year’s SUSG’s financial issues, the university administration is now being extra careful in releasing funds for the SUSG activities this year.

According to Villahermosa, SUSG is facing a challenge coping with the stricter rules of the administration.

“Unlike in the previous administration, this time, if we have plans, especially on the marketing aspect, we are obliged to ask for an approval from the admin,” Villahermosa said.

However, Villahermosa understands the side of the administration that they do not want SUSG to commit the same mistake which happened last year.

“The administration is just being careful this time, but still SUSG wanted to be autonomous since we are serving the student body,” Villahermosa explained. He added that the administration should not compare this year’s SUSG from last year’s SUSG administration.

“The issue last year might serve us as a learning experience, but the administration can’t compare this year’s SUSG from last year just because of what happened,” Villahermosa said.

The SUSG budget was approved last week.

Villahermosa is encouraging students to participate in every activity and take part in every advocacy.

“Venture out. Learn from other people. It is a perfect way to grow as an individual,” Villahermosa said

By Nova Veraley Grafe

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