Sillimanians Speak: “How is your Hibalag 2014 experience so far?”

“It was amazing, because I’ve been spending time with my roommates and friends. I also find the Hibalag 2014 atmosphere comfortable, even if I’m an introvert.” – Vanessa G. Bonner, Bachelor of Arts in English I

“So far, Hibalag 2014 has been really fun and I think that this year’s Hibalag is better than last year. The events are more enticing to students. There are also new events like the Negros Best Dance Crew, plus Abra as the celebrity guest for the closing of Hibalag.” – Geneva C. Dumigpi, Bachelor of Mass Communication II

“So far, it’s stressful because I’m an organizer of one of the events. But I’m enjoying it before the class resumes.” – Cheri Ansale, Bachelor of Mass Communication III

“It has been awesome since it’s not raining and I am celebrating it with my friends and dorm mates.” – Jobelyn Guieb, Bachelor of Business Administration Management IV

“It’s good because I able to reconnect with my old friends, and at the same time, relax even for just a while.” – Cheyenne Mapeso, Bachelor of Business Administration Management IV

“So far, so good. From the opening (torch parade) up to now, the activities are not boring. I’m having fun. I think the whole team behind the events are doing a very good job.” – Ramon Joseph Bato, Bachelor of Business Administration Management IV

“It has been challenging because students were hands-on in putting up the booths.” – Krenz Ruthmir Tero, Bachelor of Science in Engineering V

Compiled by Mae Claudine Teves

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