Doing Rather Than Dreaming

I think I’m a killjoy to myself, because I don’t take risks unless someone forces me to do so. I just avoid doing the bad things, and I thought that by being like this, I’m already stepping out of my comfort zone. But I realized that I’m just playing safe in the long run. I’m the person who has all these bucket lists in my head, yet letting these stay as plans. All my dreams and aspirations are mere thoughts just swimming in my mind, occasionally resurfacing to conscious thought, but are never materialized.

Oftentimes, I wonder: When will I ever start fulfilling them? Will they only be dreams, forever frozen in ink on a piece of paper? The problem with me, and I believe with almost every other person, is that we only dare to dream, but we never dare to do.

“You only live once, and then you die,” British YouTuber Dan Howell said in one of his videos entitled Drama Llama. It’s the harsh reality. Someday, each one of us will be finding ourselves crossing paths with death, and everything we were and will ever be will be gone. Not knowing when that would be is the more frightening part. I might die three minutes from now, tomorrow, or the week after next. I can never tell. It is a part of my life heavily shrouded in a thick, eerie mist.

If we keep putting our dreams aside, they might never see the light of day again. You would not want a miserable pile of regrets on your hands before you die, would you?

As I ponder on this rather depressing train of thought, I am listening to the lively music coming from the Hibalag booth area reverberating in the walls of my cluttered dorm room. I am listening to the enthusiastic cheers and shouts of the crowd. I am imagining how everyone else is having fun outside while I am sitting behind my desk, thinking about my dreams and the long-untouched bucket lists I’ve written quite a long time ago. Reminding myself that I’m in a university that is home not just for dreamers, but also for doers, I realized that it’s time to steer clear of just dreaming; it’s time to actually start doing something because frankly, it seems as if people are having fun outside.

I desire to be the best writer that I can be. I wrote this column as a way of slowly but surely fulfilling my dream. So, dear reader, here are a few words I want to impart to you: Make it a point to dream and do, because take it from me, dreaming is never enough.

Walking Cliché
Kim Lee

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