SU allots 3% of savings as calamity fund

The Silliman University (SU) Board of Trustees allocated 3% of its audited surplus budget as standing fund for the Continuing Calamity Response Program (CCRP) of the university.

“It is for the university to have some funds it can use in the event when there will be calamities, not only in Dumaguete, but also other parts of Negros Oriental and neighboring areas of the province,” said Mark Raygan Garcia, director of the Office of Information and Publications.

The surplus budget refers to the savings of the university coming from tuition revenues and non-tuition revenues such as auxiliary income, treasury operations, and investments of the university.

According to Garcia, the 3% allocated budget for the CCRP will be used in providing support for the trainings of “our colleagues in the university in disaster preparedness and quick response.”

He also added that it will be used to fund the team that will conduct psychosocial intervention during calamity, provide scholarships for students who are affected by calamities, and purchase goods and medical supplies that the university can use for a 48-hour relief fund.

“This is a proactive approach [of the university] in looking at disasters, we don’t want disasters to hit us and we don’t have anything to provide for our constituents and neighboring areas. [Now], we try to prepare for that,” Garcia said.

Last year, the university appropriated around Php300,000 for the scholarship and assistance of the students and their families who are victims of the super typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan).

According to Garcia, the CCRP was triggered right after typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines because the administration saw the “need for an academic institution to take active involvement to rebuild communities to assist especially those who are affected.”

Currently, the university is calling for donations for the CCRP in order to prepare for the future calamities that might hit the country or the province.

By DM Lorena V. Narciso

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