I Should’ve Done Better

“Studying for a test? Meh, I’ll do that tomorrow. Meeting a writing deadline? Hmm, that’s due ‘til next week. I’ll do that later.” – These are the usual responses of students to school work.

Procrastination: it’s in everybody. Even the most responsible person on earth can procrastinate – just not all the time.

You may wonder why we have this kind of habit of making excuses on certain tasks we can’t seem to complete. You distract yourself because somewhere in your subconscious are hidden fears, which form these excuses. You think that your household chores are too tiring to do, that your school projects are too hard to make, that your handouts are so thick… the list just goes on and on.

Midterm week is finally done, but you have to admit that there’s some point in that week you couldn’t do any of your schoolwork because distractions were near you. I admit I had distractions. Actually, I had them most of the time last week.

There will always be those times where you will stay up late, but you don’t study. You try to do any of the schoolwork you have, but you’re too tired so you decided to sleep. Then you find yourself panicking the next day.

But even when you already had a full night’s rest, you still can’t do any important stuff. You have to remove that INC before the semester ends, but the latest season of “The Simpsons” is finally out. You’re still in the second half of the previous season so you feel the need to catch up. You say you’re doing research, but the internet connection is in its full speed, so you just log in to your social media accounts and status or blog about having loads of school work. Then your eyes start to get tired, so you are left with no choice, but to sleep. You finally wake up around 6 a.m. and do your homework, but you’re not sure if your answers are right. “At least I have something to pass.” These are one of the things you would usually say when it’s already too late.

Procrastination is a habit that is hard to overcome; it’s a cycle of consecutive decisions to prolong finishing tasks.

We all know that procrastination is just a waste of time, but somehow, we couldn’t really fight it. Now that events for the Founders week celebration are fast approaching, we students tend to forget about schoolwork and get excited for these upcoming activities then regret later, after getting low grades. Guilt hovers over us like a dark cloud because we realize that if we did the important things ahead of time, we know we wouldn’t have failed.

If we only read those thick handouts, we could have answered that five-items-ten-points-each essay exam we had instead of getting just a five-point worth answer in each number. We should remember to keep the important priorities first and set aside the less important stuff for later. Distractions are everywhere, but we should always have a presence of mind and think first before getting tempted to fall into them.

The Sweet Siren
Ina Isabelle Taburaza

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