PT alumnus ranks 2nd in boards

A magna cum laude who graduated last March placed second in the August 2014 Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy (PT/OT) Licensure Examination last Aug. 2-3.

Adrian Emmanuel D. Teves was one of the 12 who passed among the 14 board takers from Silliman University (SU). Thirteen were first time takers while one is a re-taker.

According to the result of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), the national passing rate of SU-Institute of Rehabilitative Studies (IRS) is 85.7%. However, in terms of the rating for the first time board takers, PRC gave SU-IRS a rating of 92.3%.

Asst. Prof. Cyflor Putong, acting director of the IRS said that although they were not able to maintain the 100% rating, they are still happy for another recognition.

“We are expecting to have 100% rating this year. [Nevertheless], we are still very happy that a Physical Therapy (PT) graduate ranked second on the board exam,” Putong said.

Based on the August PT/OT exam results, the top score, obtained by a student from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, is only .1% higher than the final score of Teves. The topnotcher got a final score of 87.90% while Teves got 87.80%.

Putong said that during Teves’ undergraduate years, he demonstrated excellence in both lecture and laboratory works.

“Teves was really focused on pursuing excellence in his works. He really made sure that he was always prepared for every class,” Putong said.

As a preparation for next year’s licensure examination, Putong said that the IRS will be focused on strengthening the review of students.

“We will strengthen the review to Level 5. Before the students undergo individual reviews in Cebu, IRS will be hiring external reviewer and extend [the review] to two weeks,” Putong said.

According to the PRC, PT is one of the most difficult courses and is one of the hardest licensure examinations.

“We are strengthening our educational policies. IRS will be strict on the grading system. If a PT student does not get a QPA of 2.5, he/she will be given a second chance; but if he/she does not improve the second time, that student will be advised to shift,” Putong said. Putong said.

Putong added that IRS still hopes that the next batch of PT graduates will get a 100% rating next year.

Other PT/OT board passers from SU include Trixia Joyce T. Bandoquillo, Roxanne L. Elnar, Maria Angelica F. Japos, Angelie C. Lagura, Amiel Blane P. Lamoste, Justine Alexis D. Nierras, Princess P. Nimanand, Kevin P. Obate, Pia Patricia L. Olegario, Katrina Mae M. Opada, and Ana Eunica Beatriz A. Reyes.

By Nova Veraley V. Grafe

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